Welcome to the first issue of Studio News

As this is the first Studio News I thought I would bring you up to date with my art journey.

Art has been a large part of life. As an adult I started sketching with more purpose and became interested in painting realistic watercolours.

(Cradle Mountain, Tasmania – Watercolour)

For a short period I enjoyed using pastel but decided on coloured pencils as my main medium. I realised at this time that drawing is what excites me most. I continued developing my skills using graphite and coloured pencil and became increasingly inquisitive about composition. It was while creating coloured pencil drawings that I received my first art awards.

(“Richea Pandanifolia in Focus” – coloured pencil)

At the same time as I started to become interested in abstraction I joined an artists’ co-operative and acrylics became my main medium. However, it wasn’t until I left the co-op that I began my abstract journey. The uncertainty and exploration are exciting as I continue to develop and grow my art.

(“Plateau Creek at Lake Dove” – Graphite with collage)

(Kunanyi from Sandy Bay – Acrylic)

(An imagined landscape exercise- Graphite, coloured pencil, collage and gouache)

I also love working en plein air.

Boat Harbour, on the north west coast of Tasmania is one of the places I sometimes go to sketch.

Join me as I venture forth into the unknown!

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