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Abstract and semi-abstract mixed media paintings inspired by the Australian landscape and the creative process.

Journey’s End – We made it!

Sometimes a series of paintings just won’t co-operate, or is it me not cooperating?  Luckily, things went pretty smoothly with this lot!  The photo above is a detail from “Plunge”.  Do you like the way the water has moved the paint around? I love how the splashes of colour in the corner make way for the black to take center stage.  It’s just a crop, but it may lead to ideas, who knows?!

(“Plunge” 20cm wide x 20cm high)

Things can change at any stage in a painting’s development.  It makes for a very exciting and adventurous process It can sometimes feel exhilarating and at other times, downright depressing.  I learnt that “it may not work” during a online course in 2020 and I’m starting to accept it more and more.  It means that results don’t matter as much as the process, the fun and the journey.

(“Rockhole” 20cm wide x 20cm high)

In this series one square wouldn’t resolve as easily as the others, so we had to wait for what it needed to come to mind, or to hand!

(“Aquifer” 20cm wide x 20cm high)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief look inside my thoughts and processes. (I started describing this process in the previous issue of Studio News.)

(“Run Off” 20cm wide x 20cm high)

You can click on each image to go directly to Bluethumb for more information.

(“Skyward” 20cm wide x 20cm high)

With each painting there are seeds of change that raise their heads, leading to new adventures!

The exciting and inspiring circle of art!

(“Around and About” 20cm wide x 20cm high)


2 responses to “Journey’s End – We made it!”

  1. zettl.fr Avatar

    very beautiful and inspiring!


    1. Wendy Galloway Art Avatar

      Thank you Friedrich, I appreciate you saying so! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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