Plenty to do!

I’m all set up in my new studio and there’s been a burst of play activity on the new painting wall!

The room is so much brighter than the old one and Jessie, our kelpie, and myself are loving having the French doors open. She naps and I work. Here’s a shot taken from the doorway. The walls are a lighter than they look here. Cameras!!??

Can’t wait to get settled into producing whatever artworks are lurking about.

Apart from painting the studio, building the painting wall with my husband, then moving in, it’s been a busy time organising pieces for three exhibitions that are coming up.

Making Art

There’s been minimal painting or even thinking about painting lately. I fiddled a little with the work in progress below but it’s still not making me happy and the solution is not forthcoming. Maybe some rubbing back?

I often attend the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery’s “pARTicipate” sessions. Last week Allan Mansell gave a printmaking workshop.

Allan instructed us in making collagraph prints. He had plenty of great reference material to choose from but I chose to make a print of our mountain, Kunanyi/Mt Wellington. It’s right on our doorstep and a wonderful backdrop to Hobart. Currently, it’s the subject of much debate as developers are itching to build a cable car that cuts across the “organ pipes” (as we call them) along with all the required supporting infrastructure.

The print turned out pretty well and Allan’s advice to remove more ink from the sky was spot on! He may have prompted me to make more use of my baby etching press. We’ll see what happens.

Those composition/design finding exercises continue to inspire. It’s fun creating random pieces and marks, cutting them up, reassembling them in different ways or cropping them to find pleasing compositions. Trouble is, I don’t know whether there’s enough time left to use them all, or even just the best ones!? Still, it’s all about having fun.

Which one of these would you choose to develop first?

“Wetland Walk 3” sold at the Rotary Hobart Art Show which is great! I hope the new owner is enjoying it.

I hope the world is treating you well in whatever your endeavour of choice is.

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Art hoarding, what’s your attitude? Does it matter?

Things are happening in preparation for moving into the new studio.

It must be Spring! An almost uncontrollable urge to clean out stuff has arisen. Yes, including art gear, which really shouldn’t count as hoarding anyway!

I had a cleansing art bonfire last year and it felt so good. All that art isn’t cluttering my mind or my space any more. That same feeling is back again.

As mentioned in the last Studio News, I’ve donated some paintings and also shunted a lot of old ones in various directions… the collage box, the reuse box, the inspiration folder or storage (not hoarding!).

Looking at the reuse box (below), there’s plenty of spare paper.

Anything that illustrates my art journey or that I can’t part with is being safely stored away.

There’s a difference between old work that tells your art story and the stuff that’s cramping your development. As far as art story goes, it’s pretty easy to pick which pieces best illustrate various artistic reincarnations.

Cramping your future art is another thing entirely. In the past all my art was stored away … incase! Incase what? No idea really! They were precious back then.

Hoarding served both a positive and negative purpose. As a member of a local art cooperative for two years, customers were buying older watercolour paintings. That was great, but it caused me to become stuck and stagnant artwise. Everything was adapted in order to get sales. The desire to venture into abstraction was put on hold. In retrospect it was the wrong decision. Lesson learned.

Current Art

Lately, there’s been more thinking going on than action being taken. Collaged pieces that were sanded back are moving along nicely though.

(Stage two (stage one is shown in Moving Along))

All the sorting out, freeing up and the anticipation of moving into the new studio has me wondering and thinking about what might be coming up next.

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Spread the Love

A selection of paintings by Wendy Galloway

There must have been something in the air! For the last Rotary Club of Hobart exhibition I put a painting in the Philarthropic section where donated works are auctioned to raise funds for worthy causes. After donating that one, I’ve received two more requests for donations. All unrelated, but isn’t it funny how these things go?

“Cradle Mountain, Autumn Snow”

I donated the painting shown above to be auctioned for “Engender Equality” (formerly “SHE”) – a Tasmanian not for profit organisation dedicated to supporting survivors of domestic and sexual violence. 

Plus, I sent off some A5 size images (below) to donate to the Gateway Baptist Church in Launceston. They’re had a fund-raiser event for the children of Haiti.

It’s a great way to help others and create space for more art at the same time. It all just sits there gathering dust otherwise and if you have to dust, you’re not painting! Come to think if it …. wonder if you could paint with the feather duster? Why not?…. Our clothes airer has transformed a collage paper drying rack!

There hasn’t been much painting going on lately. There’s been lots of sorting and culling art stuff ready to move into a new room. I want it to be a lot less cluttered and the new room has more light with French doors that can open up in good weather.

I’ve played more with those black and white designs. You may remember the painted squares that were created for this exercise from a previous issue of Studio News, “Trying Times”. Picking out a few squares to put together rather than always using nine seems to make better, more open designs. They’re yet to be used in paintings though!

This last one is really doing it for me. Wonder what will eventuate?

During the studio clean out I found some “junk” to use for printing collage paper (polystyrene, old cork placemats, foam and cardboard packing with a nice pattern). Amazing what a person can hoard away as potentially useful… day! It really is fun fiddling about making collage paper. Nothing can go wrong and everything is potentially useful.

Life is short people ….. Gather stuff and use it! Make Art! 

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Moving Along

Here are some shots of The Art Society of Tasmania’s 2021 Annual Exhibition. There were lots of pieces one would love to take home!

To my great surprise, “Glacial” was Commended and I received a $100 voucher from my favourite Hobart art shop, Artery. Thank you very much Artery!

“Glacial” won’t be coming home with me after the exhibition because someone bought it on Friday! Two surprises in one week!

The collages that are underway are coming along well. It’s fun trying to come up with ways to vary them ….. alter the number of collage or paint layers, play with the sanding back, take off in a completely different direction or just see what each one seems to want!?

The black and white one now has red gold tinted paint scraped over it. It’s since been sanded back and has more black and white collage pieces added – below

The idea is to still work freely at this stage, without too much consideration for design etc but it’s hard! Once you know something it can be difficult to work without taking it into account!

When I stopped working on this one (below) I put it aside to work on another, but looking at it again later, it might be very near finished, if not finished already. Maybe some line work?

Here’s one of the others with more collage added over the sanded back paint layer.

Those value designs that were mentioned last time might be useful for some of these pieces! It’s a case of working away and being led by the pieces themselves.

After drafting this Studio News I watched a Brian Rutenberg video. (It was that or more housework!) There’s some interesting advice on offer. Have a look. It’s about 23 minutes long.

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