Moving Along

The Art Society of Tasmania’s annual exhibition opened last Thursday night. There are lots of pieces I would love to take home! It’s really worth a look if you’re in Hobart.

To my great surprise, “Glacial” was Commended and I received a $100 voucher from my favourite Hobart art shop, Artery. Thank you very much Artery!

“Glacial” won’t be coming home with me after the exhibition because someone bought it on Friday! Two surprises in one week!

The collages I have underway are coming along well. It’s fun trying to come up with ways to vary them …..alter the number of collage or paint layers, play with the sanding back, take off in a completely different direction or just see what each one seems to want!?

The black and white one now has red gold tinted paint scraped over it and I’ve since sanded back the surface and added more black and white collage pieces – below

The idea is to still work freely at this stage, without too much consideration for design etc but it’s hard! Once you know something it can be difficult to work without taking it into account! When I stopped working on this one (below) I put it aside to work on another, but looking at it again later, I think it is very near finished, if not finished already.

Here’s one of the others with more collage added over the sanded back paint layer.

Those value designs I mentioned last time might be useful for some of these pieces and I have a thermal transfer pencil that could get a look in too! It’s a case of working away and being led by the pieces themselves.

After drafting this Studio News I watched a Brian Rutenberg video. (It was that or more housework!) There’s some interesting advice on offer. Have a look. It’s about 23 minutes long.

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3 thoughts on “Moving Along

  1. Great that you won a voucher for your work and congratulation on the sale. Nice picture of you holding the award.


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