Art hoarding, what’s your attitude? Does it matter?

Things are happening in preparation for moving into the new studio.

It must be Spring! An almost uncontrollable urge to clean out stuff has arisen. Yes, including art gear, which really shouldn’t count as hoarding anyway!

I had a cleansing art bonfire last year and it felt so good. All that art isn’t cluttering my mind or my space any more. I have that same feeling now.

As mentioned in the last Studio News, I’ve donated some paintings and also shunted a lot of old ones in various directions… the collage box, the reuse box, the inspiration folder or storage (not hoarding!).

Looking at the reuse box (below), I may never need to buy paper again.

Anything that tells my journey or that I can’t part with is being safely stored away.

There’s a difference between old work that tells your art story and the stuff that’s cramping your development. As far as art story goes, it’s pretty easy to pick which pieces best illustrate my various reincarnations.

Cramping your future art is another thing entirely. In the past I’ve kept all my art…incase! Incase what? No idea really! They were precious back then.

Hoarding served both a positive and negative purpose. As a member of a local art cooperative for two years, customers were buying my older watercolour paintings. That was great, but it caused me to become stuck and stagnant artwise. I adapted everything in order to get sales. The desire to venture into abstraction was put on hold. In retrospect it was the wrong decision. Lesson learned.

Current Art

Lately, there’s been more thinking going on than action being taken. The collaged pieces that were sanded back are moving along nicely though.

(Stage two (stage one is shown in Moving Along))

All the sorting out, freeing up and the anticipation of moving into the new studio has me wondering and thinking about what might be coming up next.

Rotary Hobart Art Show 2021

These four paintings are now at Wrest Point in Hobart, ready for the Rotary exhibition this weekend – 18 and 19 September.

(Solitude (detail), Wetlands Walk 3, Feral (detail) and The Shape of Water)

If you’re in Hobart, go along over the weekend and check out all the Art. Don’t gamble your money away though, buy art instead!

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