The Artist

(Here’s Wendy sketching at Lake Judd near Mt Anne in Tasmania’s Southwest National Park.)

Hi, thank you for visiting Wendy’s website. Her studio is in Hobart at the base of kunanyi/Mount Wellington. Landscape is Wendy’s main inspiration for creating abstract and semi abstract paintings. She has been creating art for over thirty years.

Many people seem to have lost touch with the significant roles art and the landscape can play in our lives. Wendy hopes her art can, in some way, act as a reminder while also visually sharing her joy in creating each piece. The mixed media process she uses embraces chance and randomness, a metaphor for the unpredictable influences around us. Paintings begin with play and experimentation. As they progress Wendy uses her intuition and experience to refine and resolve them.

It’s a wonderful process of experimenting, learning, adapting and sharing.

You can see a summary of Wendy’s art journey with photos here and she talks about her sketching here.

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