Wendy Galloway Art

Abstract and semi-abstract mixed media paintings inspired by the Australian landscape and the creative process.

Genesis $450 54.5cm wide x 56.5cm high

Acrylic and graphite on 300 gsm acid free cartridge paper (56x59cm) sealed with matt varnish spray. Frameable area measures 54.5×56.5cm.

Let your imagination wander among these hills! This ethereal landscape painting is not intended to be a realistic visual representation of a particular place. Rather, it’s an image of an imagined place drawn from memories, experiences, emotions and feelings.
South West Tasmania’s wilderness areas are certainly wild, both weather and landform wise. I love getting out there for bushwalking and camping. It gives me a chance to relax and take in the atmosphere and specialness of the place. I’m always left with feelings of wonder and awe. At every turn there’s an exciting new vista opening up to fill me with joy. Joy at having access to these wonderful wild and magical places and also at being able to go there, take it all in, do some sketching or painting, or, just to sit and look, creating memories.

“Genesis” is unframed. You may choose to arrange framing yourself, or it can be professionally framed on its way to you with Bluethumb’s trusted network of framers.


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