Wendy Galloway Art

Abstract and semi-abstract mixed media paintings inspired by the Australian landscape and the creative process.

Summer Rain $270 20cm square

Acrylic paint and graphite on 300 gsm acid free cartridge paper attached to a 20x20cm cradled wooden panel, sealed with matt spray varnish.

Have you had the privilege of being present when it rains in the outback? I’ve been lucky enough to see Uluru with waterfalls. “Summer Rain” was a relatively plain little image but I liked the proportions of sky and land. With a small land portion I decided to make the sky a bit moody and interesting. As I painted it brought to mind rain on the flat red dirt plains of the outback. It’s quite a topical subject (in early 2022) with so much rain falling that some outback towns were cut off with roads and railway links out.

“Summer Rain” is ready to hang. You could also add a floating frame to this painting using Bluethumb’s professional framing service.


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