Wendy Galloway Art

Abstract and semi-abstract mixed media paintings inspired by the Australian landscape and the creative process.

Swell $820 71cm wide x 28cm high x 5.5cm deep

Acrylic paint, graphite and Neocolour II pastels on 300 gsm acid free cartridge paper attached to a white cradled wooden panel, sealed with matt spray varnish. Ready to hang. Framed with a white hardwood frame.

This fresh bright painting will add sense of summer to your room. “Swell” swept into existence with painting wedges. I love taking advantage of chance and randomness in my art and “Swell” came about by chance. I decided to use mostly blue in this piece to see what I could create. The refreshing marks were made by swooshing blue and white in playful sweeps across the paper. Suddenly, the painting asked for a few touches of yellow! The sky is painted over some of the freely made marks to define the wave shapes. Those marks are still visible under the sky paint.

Swell is beautifully framed with a naturally textured white solid hardwood frame.


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