Wendy Galloway Art

Abstract and semi-abstract mixed media paintings inspired by the Australian landscape and the creative process.

Within The Boundary $300 40cm square

Acrylic paint and ink, graphite and coloured pencil on 300 gsm acid free cartridge paper cartridge paper, sealed with matt spray varnish.

This abstract painting is part of a series where my first marks were random and gestural. I like to work this way at times, seeing how the marks inspire and lead me into each painting. “Within the Boundary” happened to have this very simple picture division which led to an abstract landscape. Playful marks with some chance effects create the texture of the hillside.

“Within the Boundary” is unframed. You may choose to arrange framing yourself, or it can be professionally framed on its way to you with Bluethumb’s trusted network of framers.


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