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Devotion Pays Off

Art is something you have to stick at if you want to improve and develop. This Studio News shows the progression of one idea that first surfaced eight years ago.

Sending Your Work Out Into The World

Putting your art out in the world can take some getting used to. It can also take a lot of time and work. I vascilate between thinking it’s worth it and wondering why I do it! One thing I’ve worked out though, is that the benefits range from large ones, like sales or awards, to…

How to Feed Your Creative Beast

A recent trip to one of our lovely National Parks left me with plenty of inspiration and ideas, along with a few hastily drawn sketches and some photos. It made me wonder whether we all have our own ways of gathering creative fodder and what happens if there’s a drought!

Bringing Things Back Into Line

With all the talk of going with the flow in other blog issues it seems peculiar to write about bringing things into line! There are, however, times when you know where a painting needs to go and things just have to be done.

Why Do We Need a Why?

Can artists just make art for the enjoyment they get from it as an activity? And, can viewers look at art purely for enjoyment without needing reasons for its existence?


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