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19. Resolutions in December!

Are they done or not?  I have to remind myself that not everything can be “exciting”, but they still might be good enough to send out into the world.

17. Sticky Situations

Have you ever been plagued by being stuck, unable to move forward?  Desperately wanting to run towards your dream but, somehow, unable to move.

15. Going Feral

I think perhaps serendipity plays more of a part in my art life than I imagined. Winning awards is a great motiviational boost and “ah ha” art moments are even more valuable!

14. Plenty to do!

I’m all set up in my new studio and there’s been a burst of play activity on the new painting wall! Add several other activities to that and I’ve been kept pleasantly busy.

11. Moving Along

The idea is to still work freely at this stage, without too much consideration for design etc but it’s hard! Once you know something it can be difficult to work without taking it into account!

10. Trying Times

Having a design I like that has impact, movement and interest helps the painting process in general, as well as guiding my decision-making as paintings near completion.

9. Around the Block

Recently, I’ve been thinking about why I’m having to push myself so much art-wise and why the good times just seem to come and go as they choose?


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