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How to Feed Your Creative Beast

A recent trip to one of our lovely National Parks left me with plenty of inspiration and ideas, along with a few hastily drawn sketches and some photos. It made me wonder whether we all have our own ways of gathering creative fodder and what happens if there’s a drought!

Bringing Things Back Into Line

With all the talk of going with the flow in other blog issues it seems peculiar to write about bringing things into line! There are, however, times when you know where a painting needs to go and things just have to be done.

Why Do We Need a Why?

Can artists just make art for the enjoyment they get from it as an activity? And, can viewers look at art purely for enjoyment without needing reasons for its existence?

Working With Wedges

I said to some fellow artists this week that I need a helper, not to do bits of painting or other things, but to stand beside me and snatch my tools away at the most opportune moment in a painting’s development.

Art is a Fickle Business

As I pondered, my mind went off on a tangent, automatically brainstorming, the implications and possibilities, as well as  how to resolve this painting?

Out There

“Out There” is a broad theme which leaves the options wide open.  What will develop as I find my way around the ideas?

Resolutions in December!

Are they done or not?  I have to remind myself that not everything can be “exciting”, but they still might be good enough to send out into the world.

On My Marks Series

Now I look closer, I can see a sneaky “s” hiding in there.  It’s basically a curvy design with a hint of diagonals.


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