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A selection of paintings by Wendy Galloway

There must be something in the air! This year I’m putting a painting in the Rotary Club of Hobart’s Philarthropic section. These donated works are auctioned to raise funds for worthy causes. Since donating that one, I’ve received two more requests for donations. All unrelated, but isn’t it funny how these things go?

“Cradle Mountain, Autumn Snow”

I’ve also donated the painting shown above to be auctioned at Hobart’s Town Hall on 1 October for “Engender Equality” (formerly “SHE”) – a Tasmanian not for profit organisation dedicated to supporting survivors of domestic and sexual violence. 

Plus, I’m sorting out some A5 size images (below) to donate to the Gateway Baptist Church in Launceston. They’re having a fund-raiser event on 16 October for the children of Haiti.

Great ways to help others and create space for more art at the same time. It just sits there gathering dust otherwise and if I have to dust, I’m not painting! Come to think if it….I wonder if I could paint with the feather duster? Why not?…. Our clothes airer has transformed a collage paper drying rack!

There hasn’t been a lot of painting going on lately because I’ve been sorting and culling art stuff ready to move into a different room. I want it to be a lot less cluttered and the new room has more light with French doors that I can open up in good weather.

I’ve played more with those black and white designs. You may remember the painted squares I created for this exercise from Studio News number 10. “Trying Times”. I’ve started picking out a few squares to put together rather than always using nine. It’s giving me better, more open designs. They are yet to be used in paintings though!

During the studio clean out I found some “junk” that I’ve since used to print collage paper (polystyrene, old cork placemats, foam and cardboard packing with a nice pattern). Amazing what a person can hoard away as potentially useful…..one day! It really is fun fiddling about making collage paper. Nothing can go wrong and everything is potentially useful.

My entry is done for The Colour Circle’s Kaleidoscope exhibition in October and there are still more exhibitions to come!

On a very sad note, I found out today that Roy, the very generous and lovely man from my favorite art shop, Artery, passed away on the weekend. My sincere condolences to his family and others who were close to him. It’s sad to think he won’t be there to say hello to when I go art shopping. Over the years Roy has very generously sponsored thousands of dollars worth of prizes for artists and I thank him sincerely for his huge contribution to our art scene here in Hobart.

What to say now?

Life is short people…..Make Art!

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