Wendy Galloway Art

Abstract and semi-abstract mixed media paintings inspired by the Australian landscape and the creative process.

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  • Back to Basics

    Back to Basics

    We all itch to “get right into” the exciting things we want to do, but going back to basics can, as this example highlights, provide you with new insight and a more rewarding experience overall.

  • Get Positive, Throw Caution to the Wind

    Get Positive, Throw Caution to the Wind

    “Going with the flow” can be scary, but it can also take you and your art on some wonderful journeys.

  • Who Moved the Goal Posts?

    Who Moved the Goal Posts?

    When is creative work finished?  It’s a question that is almost as frustrating as asking what the meaning of life is!

  • Diversification – A Bit of Carpentry

    Diversification – A Bit of Carpentry

    Presenting your art for display isn’t always easy. It can take a lot of thought and effort at times. The way I currently work has given me the opportunity to learn this new skill.

  • Start Strong and Follow Your Intuition

    Start Strong and Follow Your Intuition

    Enthusiasm is usually pretty high when beginning new work.  That was the case with this painting.  Let’s see what happened along the way and what seems to have eventuated.

  • Devotion Pays Off

    Devotion Pays Off

    Art is something you have to stick at if you want to improve and develop. This Studio News shows the progression of one idea that first surfaced eight years ago.

  • Sending Your Work Out Into The World

    Sending Your Work Out Into The World

    Putting your art out in the world can take some getting used to. It can also take a lot of time and work. I vascilate between thinking it’s worth it and wondering why I do it! One thing I’ve worked out though, is that the benefits range from large ones, like sales or awards, to…

  • Bringing Things Back Into Line

    Bringing Things Back Into Line

    With all the talk of going with the flow in other blog issues it seems peculiar to write about bringing things into line! There are, however, times when you know where a painting needs to go and things just have to be done.