Wendy Galloway Art

Abstract and semi-abstract mixed media paintings inspired by the Australian landscape and the creative process.

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  • Abstract Ideas

    Abstract Ideas

    Abstracting ideas and creating something new is an adventure in art, one that has many twists and turns and may, in fact, never end!

  • Devotion Pays Off

    Devotion Pays Off

    Art is something you have to stick at if you want to improve and develop. This Studio News shows the progression of one idea that first surfaced eight years ago.

  • Sending Your Work Out Into The World

    Sending Your Work Out Into The World

    Putting your art out in the world can take some getting used to. It can also take a lot of time and work. I vascilate between thinking it’s worth it and wondering why I do it! One thing I’ve worked out though, is that the benefits range from large ones, like sales or awards, to…

  • Using Loss of Control to Your Advantage

    Using Loss of Control to Your Advantage

    It can be frustrating, but losing control of the creative process can be an enlightening experience.

  • Why Do We Need a Why?

    Why Do We Need a Why?

    Can artists just make art for the enjoyment they get from it as an activity? And, can viewers look at art purely for enjoyment without needing reasons for its existence?

  • Two Ways You Can Influence Yourself

    Two Ways You Can Influence Yourself

    I was forced to think more within myself.  Solutions and ideas weren’t available at the click of a button, nor were they offering themselves uninvited on my screen.

  • Details Without Fuss (or the Devil!)

    Details Without Fuss (or the Devil!)

    The details or areas of greater interest that I speak of here are happenstance, random and unplanned. Yet, they forthrightly demand my attention, my glance and my imagination.

  • Working With Wedges

    Working With Wedges

    I said to some fellow artists this week that I need a helper, not to do bits of painting or other things, but to stand beside me and snatch my tools away at the most opportune moment in a painting’s development.

  • Art is a Fickle Business

    Art is a Fickle Business

    As I pondered, my mind went off on a tangent, automatically brainstorming, the implications and possibilities, as well as  how to resolve this painting?