Plenty to do!

I’m all set up in my new studio and there’s been a burst of play activity on the new painting wall!

The room is so much brighter than the old one and Jessie, our kelpie, and myself are loving having the French doors open. She naps and I work. Here’s a shot taken from the doorway. The walls are a lighter than they look here. Cameras!!??

Can’t wait to get settled into producing whatever artworks are lurking about.

Apart from painting the studio, building the painting wall with my husband, then moving in, it’s been a busy time organising pieces for three exhibitions that are starting early in October. Use this link to check them out.

Sales of my art are now being processed on Bluethumb now redirects anyone interested in purchasing paintings or needing more information about them to Bluethumb. Bluethumb is Australia’s largest online art gallery website. It provides customers with more options and better service than I can hope to offer. Each painting I have for sale is now linked directly to its own listing on Bluethumb.

Making Art

There’s been minimal painting or even thinking about painting happening lately. I fiddled a little with the work in progress below but I’m still not happy and the answer is not forthcoming. Maybe some rubbing back?

What next?

I often attend the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery’s “pARTicipate” sessions. Last week Allan Mansell gave a printmaking workshop. I went along with not much idea of what to expect and no possible images in mind.

Allan instructed us in making collagraph prints. He had plenty of great reference material to choose from but I chose to make a print of our mountain, Kunanyi/Mt Wellington. It’s right on our doorstep and a wonderful backdrop to Hobart. Currently, it’s the subject of much debate as developers are itching to build a cable car that cuts across the “organ pipes” (as we call them) along with all the required supporting infrastructure.

I think the print turned out pretty well and Allan’s advice to remove more ink from the sky was spot on! He may have prompted me to make more use of my baby etching press. We’ll see what happens.

Those composition/design finding exercises I’ve been doing continue to interest and inspire. It’s fun creating random pieces and marks, cutting them up, reassembling them in different ways or cropping them to find pleasing compositions. Trouble is, I don’t know whether I have enough time left on earth to use them all, or even just the best ones!? Still, I’m having fun.

Which one of these would you choose to develop first?

“Wetland Walk 3” sold at the Rotary Hobart Art Show which is great! I hope the new owner is enjoying it.

I hope the world is treating you well.

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