Out There

One of my clear memories is a sort of feeling of release and relaxed bliss.  At some point I seem to fill up with awe at what surrounds me and the fact that I am able to be there.  There’s usually a big sigh and a feeling of peaceful contentment to follow.  Joy!

What am I rambling on about?

It’s how I sometimes feel when I’m out in the wild landscape.  Here, in Tasmania we have some wonderful bushwalks that take us out among the mountains, rivers, a multitude of various types of landscapes.  It’s where I love to be!  Even better if I can stop to sketch (an artists’ equivalent of smelling the roses!).  You may have seen the photos in the last Studio News.

These works are the beginnings of a new series – “Out There.”  It’s a broad theme which leaves my options wide open.  What will develop as I find my way around the ideas? Where will I be led?  Perhaps, in future series things will narrow down a bit and be more specific.

(This first layer could be titled “Into the Blue”! (I got carried away using my new painting wedge.) There’s a lesson there, but I’m not sure what it is? It’s either go slow, or don’t? Things can work out either way it seems.)

These photos show the first layer for two of the paintings.

(I decided to let this one be more random!)

Where to next? Sky shapes were used to define the mountain range. Later, I added more white to the sky.

I felt the urge to draw into them rather than add too much more paint. So, out came the Neocolour II crayons that I’ve had for ages awaiting this precise moment! (They haven’t inspired me much before, so we’ll see how this goes.)

(This is the painting from above after I had a little play with the Neocolours.)

There are five of these long ones (70×30cm) in the group. They’re great to just wander up to, make a few marks and wander off again. That’s one of the benefits of drawing materials … ease of use!

Is this one done yet? Perhaps!?

New Work

“Genesis” is now available on Bluethumb.

“Genesis” 54.5cm wide x 56.5cm high

Until next time and ….. as the sign someone was holding up in our street this week said …… “Keep your chin up”.

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Going Feral

Well! It’s been a busy month exhibition-wise! As I write this there are still two in progress. See this link.

I just received word that my mixed media piece “Feral” has been awarded Runner Up in the “Artery Art on Show” exhibition at the Royal Hobart Show. I feel humbled and excited that my art has won awards this year. Humbled and motivated to push the boundaries even further. I’m also very pleased to see that two of my arty friends also won prizes. A big thank you to Artery for my $600 voucher.


More good news! “Fusion” sold yesterday at the same Show! And while I was on duty too! It’s always nice to meet the buyer.


Keeping Busy!

You know how there’s a plethora of art courses online? Well…. just to add to my workload I found two that I decided to squeeze in amongst delivering, picking up paintings, helping to organise and set up a large exhibition and everything else.

One, “Time to Shine” by Alice Sheridan seemed very timely and I could do with improving my social media posts etc. Still working on this one. There’s some excellent content and challenges to keep me busy!

The other is, Judy Wood’s, free stARTs workshop where I have been exploring a different way of working. It involved collage, layering black, then some white paint and working towards an image on top of that. I felt like I’d gone a bit feral when I covered the whole thing in black! I’m not sure I like a lot of black.

These are three of the images I worked on.

The one above was the first to feel like it was somewhere close to finished. After thinking on it for a while, I made some minor adjustments in the bottom left corner. I think I’m pretty happy with it now.

Number two here is feeling tentatively, almost, done after I demolished a large black area in the bottom third. That line on the left is trying to say something though?

I love how a picture can come to a point where it feels like it’s time to stop. It isn’t finished yet, you know that, but at some point, serendipity will play a part and the required touches will come to mind! Just like magic!

Now for this little fellow. Normally, I’m not keen on “seeing” things in my abstract work, unless I intended it of course, but for some reason I’ve grown quite attached to this guy holding what could be a fishing rod. Perhaps it’s treasure he’s hooked? Anyway, I think this one is a bit whimsical and it has been declared “done”. All that’s needed now is a title?

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